Light Rail to Nowhere – North American Experience

  Portland – long considered the mecca of light rail transit in North America – has failed to attract a greater percentage of car commuters over the last 13 years……………. While the number of people who… Continue reading

Singleton and Harvey follow the money

  This announcement appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald the same day that Pru Goward granted approval for the Light Rail. SMH 4 June 2014, Carolyn Cummings Investors John Singleton, Gerry Harvey and… Continue reading

Determined to fight for ‘the facts’

LIGHT rail activist Margaret Hogg has launched her own grassroots community campaign to break down what she sees as the wall of silence around the CBD and South East Light Rail project. Ms… Continue reading

Randwick light rail forum rails over a lack of detail

Randwick light rail forum rails over a lack of detail RAYLENE BLISS  SOUTHERN COURIER  JUNE 26, 2014 8:26PM  (Photo – Jeff Goodling) Transport for NSW felt the full force of community rage over the… Continue reading

Liberals break ranks and take stand against their own State Government on Light Rail

Comment on story from independent observer:   I can understand the sentiment ‘enough is enough’ since a majority of Liberal Councillors voted to spend nearly $70m on the light rail. Yet did they… Continue reading

Light Rail: Worse than Buses?

Real Clear Policy, 6th June 2014 – Michael Cipriano “High-cost, low-capacity.” That’s how Randal O’Toole, a public-policy analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute, describes the country’s newest light-rail transportation systems in a new… Continue reading

Timing the Anzac Parade & Lang Rd/Cleveland St intersection

Having one train every 3 minutes (so 1 every 90 seconds when you take going in and coming out) does not  look workable. It’s now clear that what RMS has said about cascading to… Continue reading

Vote for transparency by NSW Legislative Council

   The vote to release documents on the Light Rail was carried yesterday, with Labor, Greens and Shooters &Fishers in favour and Liberals and Christian Democrats against.  Read the debate. Ms Barham Mr… Continue reading

Questions of Capacity and Quality of Service

Terry Flynn’s submission on the CSELR contains  calculations proving the proposed trams do not provide enough seating or crush capacity compared to existing buses. What is actually required for the future growth of public… Continue reading

Randwick Council Draft Urban Design Guidelines

  The Mayor and the 14 other Councillors of Randwick City were asked questions about a letter tabled at the Ordinary Meeting held 29th April, 2014.  The letter was signed by the Director… Continue reading