‘Light’ Rail on Randwick Roads will look something like this

Gives a good idea of what the trains will look like.

These ranged from 14kmh (emerging at the intersection from the right), to 22kmh speeds. Certainly nothing at 60kmh. The times range (from passing a specific point front of train to rear) from 12 to 17 seconds.

To get the 72m it is 3 cars coupled together which have a stated capacity of 64 seated and 56 standing so 360 in total (3 x (64 + 56)) Their crush capacity is 3 x 163 = 489.  Not much different from our 67m ones at 467 or so.  Point being this is operating at crush capacity which is not supposed to be permanent peak hour operating mode (normally).
Some useful statistics from this fact sheet:

  • Farebox Recovery 55.3% (FY 10)
  • On-Time Performance 94.3% (FY 10)
  • Vehicle Fleet: 134 light rail vehicles (LRVs); 71 Siemens/Duewag U2, 52 Siemens SD100, and 11 Siemens S70.
  • All equipped with heating and air conditioning.
  • Capacity: Each LRV seats 64 passengers and can regularly accommodate 36-56 standees; or 100-120 total.
  • Crush load passenger capacity for special events is 150-163.
  • Trains: Blue, Orange, and Green Line trains may consist of one to four cars.
  • Wheelchair accessibility: The U2 and SD100 LRVs are equipped with a wheelchair lift; able to cycle in 90 seconds.
  • The S70 LRV is equipped with a retractable ramp for wheelchair boarding.
  • FACILITIES Stations and Parking: 53 stations. Paid parking at adjacent parking facilities is available at most downtown San Diego stations. In suburban areas, there are more than 5,000 parking spaces distributed at various Trolley station park-and-ride lots on the Blue, Orange, and Green Lines. There are 2,380 spaces at 10 park-and-ride lots on the Blue Line. There are 2,154 spaces at 11 Orange Line park-and-ride stations and more than 645 at four Green Line stations. Green Line also shares 1,165 spaces with the Orange Line in East County and 412 with the Blue Line at Old Town Transit Center. An additional 18,000 Green Line spaces are available on non-event days at Qualcomm Stadium.
  • Grade Separations: 23 bridges, 44 grade separations, 7 freeway overpasses, 13 underpasses  = not competing at traffic intersections vs 78 CQ to Kingsford or 70m CQ to Randwick