$2.2 billion will deliver a poorer service for South East

“Why is the State ( and Local) Govt rushing to spend over $2,200,000,000 to slash public transport capacity in the South East by over 10,000 passengers an hour compared with what the 20 bus routes to be eliminated between Circular Quay/Central to Kingsford or Randwick carry today?
At a now estimated cost of over $180m per km to build it will still rank as the SLOWEST major city light rail in the world when finished.
A ‘brain explosion’  by Barry O’Farrell pre-election in the car going to a pre-election appearance in Randwick should not be allowed by the current Premier Mike Baird to cut public transport capacity to the area by 60%.
Spending such vasts sums to slash services when its the State Transit Authority’s most efficient bus service is madness.
What is the real reason for this?  Urban Activation Precincts perhaps?
Could it be as revealed by Duncan Gay in early 2013 – rezoning over 1,100 hectares (over 2,800 acres) for up to 20 storey tower blocks perhaps?  More recently the State Govt proposed to ELIMINATE the requirement for developers to provide even one car space for blocks of units (submissions closed 31.10.14).  This will be voted on post-election.
Randwick has the highest population of any city in NSW WITHOUT heavy rail. Coincidentally two Urban Activation Precincts (high rise rezoning) were declared covering from Centennial Park to La Perouse.   
Equally under the UAP guise – how many know about the 20 hectares of Randwick racecourse set for up to 20 storey high rise?  In addition, the Govt gave the initial go ahead for an 8 storey hotel on it in October.
Scarce public funding should not be wasted just to satisfy one small but powerful lobby group.  Spend the money expanding schools, hospitals not slashing services.